Friday, November 6, 2009

Change the way you think about living with floating investment properties

If you’re serious about purchasing investment properties, a houseboat or ocean liner condo may be the perfect way to get your feet wet and even if you don’t rent your investment properties right away, these will be ones that you can enjoy in the meantime.

Don’t write off houseboats as investment properties—they have a lot to offer

Just because you can’t afford the ocean liner investment properties that are hot in Europe doesn’t mean you have to write off floating investment properties all together. Houseboats are cheaper and therefore can help you to pay off and increase your return on investment much sooner and with less work and worry than an ocean liner.
Additionally, house boats can be purchased just about anywhere there is a lake or other body of water, meaning your options are as endless as the ocean liner but with less cost. Warmer climate purchases will mean you can operate your rental for longer periods of time and enjoy the benefits, both financial and emotional, for much longer each year.

For a cheaper, more relaxed option, you can try floating houseboat condos

If paying $40 million or even $3.7 million for floating investment properties is a little out of your acceptable range, don’t give up. You still have options. Houseboat condos are another new set of investment properties that can be quite lucrative for their owners.
Not only do these floating investment properties have the same appliances and features of a regular home, but they cost much less as an initial investment. Additionally, they still feature parking for boats and other gear and they’re much easier to get to and leave than an ocean liner.

Floating investment properties are pricey, but for good reason

While floating investment properties, like the condos on the SS Celebrity Solstice, can cost between $3.7 million and $40 million or more, they have plenty to offer in return to the people who make the purchase. Aside from all of the regular amenities—large bathrooms, living room, dining room, huge bedrooms and closets, full kitchens and private balconies—you can expect to find quite a few other creature comforts on board. These added benefits may include parking for sailboat and your jet skis, as well as a full golf course and even a helipad—just in case your buddies want to drop by to watch the game on Sunday.

Floating investment properties may be your gold mine

Forget traveling on a cruise liner just for the heck of it on your next vacation—why not try a cruise liner condo as your next investment property? Cruise liners condos are all the rage in France right now and are quickly sweeping the world as one of the most popular ways to live and see the world at the same time. Cruise liners, such as the SS Celebrity Solstice, are changing the way people think about how they live, whether it’s for only six weeks, for an entire year, or for…forever! And with plenty to offer, they’re excellent investment properties as well!